Current 16 oz cans available at WMB Tap Room:  Available 5/18/19 (At Opening)

Blue Comet IPA - $16 Per 4 Pack - No Limit (175 Cases at opening on 5/18)

Ecstasy of Gold IPA - $16 Per 4 Pack - No Limit (>2 Cases at opening on 5/18)

There’s No Wrong Way Peanut Butter Stout - $16 Per 4 Pack - No Limit (>2 cases at opening 5/18)

Widowlager, Pilsner - $13 Per 4 Pack - No Limit (50 Cases at opening on 5/18)

Currently on tap on Wood Road (Updated 5/18/19):

Blue Comet, IPA 7.1% ABV Blue Comet is packed with Simcoe and Comet hops providing a ripe tropical fruit nose that is backed up in the taste. Complimented by a soft biscuity malt character. Pours a hazy yellow with a medium white head.

Donut Shop Coffee Stout, 6.5% ABV The flavor of Donut Shop is multi-layered. It pours a thick, caramel head with an aroma of dark coffee and hints of chocolate and roast. At initial taste you get sweetness up front and a nice silky mouthfeel, rounding out to a subtle coffee finish. Cold Brewed by Widowmaker Brewing, using roasted beans from Red Eye Coffee Roasters: 3 Otis Street in Hingham MA

Ecstasy of Gold, American IPA, 7.2% ABV Cloudy, light-copper coloring and a pungent fruit aroma when poured. Balanced fruit taste with a sweet, malty backbone.

Night at the Apollo, Table Saison, 4% ABV Pouring a straw golden color with a lively stream of bubbles floating up to its white head. Clean pale malt sweetness along with an effervescence that presents throughout, making it a lively and crisp sip every time with an incredibly low ABV. This beer was brewed with Zack Eicoff who won the opportunity to have his beer brewed in conjunction with the Tri-Brewery Cup, featuring Castle Island Brewing, Night Shift Brewing, and Widowmaker Brewing.

There's No Wrong Way, Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout, 7% ABV Pouring a dark brown color, opaque, with a tan head, TNWW provides an instant peanut butter nose followed by a decadent silky chocolate and caramel taste with a nutty subtleness.

Toxic Twins, American IPA 7.3% ABV Brewed in the spirit of life long friendship, Toxic Twins is a delicious IPA with a smooth creamy mouthfeel, aromas of tropical fruit and sweet citrus, and fresh resiny hops. Generously dry hopped with El Dorado and Idaho 7 hops.

Widowlager, Pilsner, 5.6% ABV A traditionally brewed German-style Pilsner. An effervescent lager that is light and crisp. Pouring a light, golden, straw color with tasting notes of toasted bread and cracker. Poured in a 16 oz. Willi Becher glass.